Guests Manual

Manual consists of logistical info for the event for speakers and performers at the CONSUMER event - please read carefully before the event

Entry passes

Each guest receives entry passes by email (sent out from the Eventree system) 2 weeks before the event. If you need entry passes to be resent, or if you require additional entry passes, please email to request.

Note: The above applies to speakers / performers who are NOT having a stall at the event. If you also have a stall, please read the exhibitors manual instead (in the section on Identification for exhibitors) for details on pre-registering and receiving entry passes.

For identification at the entrance, guests can either print out the entry passes and bring the printouts with them to the entrance, or show the entry passes on their mobiles / tablets at the gate.

Event opening hours

Saturday: 11am – 6pm, Sunday: 10am – 5pm

Entry point

During opening hours, guests should use the “Guest Ticket Lane” at the Olympia Central entrance on Hammersmith Road for entry.
Venue address: Olympia London, Hammersmith Road, London W14 8UX
See map here for location and surroundings of the venue. For directions to the venue, click here.

NB: The Olympia West entrance on Blythe Road is for the general public only.

Any guest arriving before opening hours should use the unloading G Gate on Blythe Road instead.
Please note: Kids under 16 are NOT allowed in the venue before the event opens or after the event has closed.


Parking is available at the venue – it needs to be pre-booked with the venue here.

AV Equipment provided in each featured area

Microphones Sound Speakers

TV Screen /
Drape + Projector**

Laptop DVD
Main Stage 2 4       yes
Cookery Demos 2 (handheld)
1 (headset)
2       yes
Living Raw Zone 1 (handheld)
1 (headset)
2 1 1   yes
Vegan Activists Corner 2 2 1 1   yes
Mature Zone 2 2 1 1    
Vegan Comedy Corner 2 2        
Cinema   2 1   1  
Vegan Health Summit* 2 2 1 1   lectern
Vegan Athletes Summit 2 2 1 1   lectern
Animal Rights Summit 1 2 1 1   lectern
Radical Veganism /
Environment & Food
Sustainability Summit
1 2 1 1   lectern

2 (lectern)
2 (handheld)
2 (headset)

2 1 1   lectern

* Facilities for Skype available
** Each screen / projector comes with a HDMI adaptor and a VGA adaptor.

Notes (for those requiring facilities for Powerpoint presentations / slideshows):

  1. If you are planning to do Powerpoint presentations / slideshows in areas with laptops provided, please store your presentation files in .ppt or .pdf format on a USB / external drive beforehand, and plug your USB / external drive into the laptop provided.
  2. If your presentation file is created using Keynote (the Mac equivalent of Powerpoint on Windows), please convert it to .ppt or .pdf format before the event. See instructions here on exporting Keynote files as files in other formats.

Timing of sessions

Please ensure that you finish your session on time before the next guest comes on in the area in which you are appearing – otherwise our running schedule for the sessions afterwards will get delayed and the guests afterwards will have less time for their sessions. Full timetables for all areas can be viewed under “What’s On” in the menu bar at the top of this website.

Cookery, cleaning and electrical equipment in Cookery Demos section and Living Raw Zone

Equipment Cookery Demos Living Raw Zone
Electric hot plate (with 2 induction rings) 1  
Kettle 1  
Fridge 1  
Flip Top Bin with bin bags 1 1
Washing up liquid yes yes
Handwash yes yes
Power sockets 2x 3kW sockets

1x 3kW socket

Nearest Water Point Water Point Central on the map

Water Point Central on the map

Trestle tables (6′ wide each with tablecloths) 4



  1. Please bring any other equipment that you need and that is not listed above if necessary. Note: please ensure that any electrical equipment that you bring is PAT tested before use.
  2. Please ensure that you ascertain the power output (in wattage) of all cookery equipment that you plan to use beforehand, and do not overload the power sockets provided – overloading the power sockets will result in power being cut off.
  3. Please also ensure that the hot plate provided is switched off after use – failure to do so will result in the hot plate overheating.

Vegan Policy

This event is a 100% vegan event. Please ensure that all talks and cookery demos conducted at the event are 100% vegan-friendly with no promotion of the use of animals, no use of animal-based ingredients involved, and no promotion of non-vegan recipes.