Guests Manual


Directions to the venue - Guests

The event is taking place in the Grand Hall at Olympia London. Please enter through the main visitor entrance on Olympia Way during opening times. Have your pass with you. Please allow time before your talk for queuing and entering.

Please visit the page here for full directions to the venue.

Google Map showing the surroundings of the venue is below:

If you are arriving with equipment, and require access before the event opens to the public, please arrive through Gate L before 9:30am on the opposite side of Hammersmith Road.

Entry Passes for Guests

For access into the event venue, each guest will be emailed 2 weekend entry passes on November 2nd.

Please note:

  • The entry passes enable the organising team to identify guests on their arrival.
  • These entry passes are specifically for guests and their partners / assistants and are not to be used for competitions or giving away to personal contacts.
  • Spare entry passes can be circulated electronically to your partner / assistant whom you wish to bring to the event.
  • The entry passes can either be printed out or displayed on mobile phones / tablets for identification.
  • The entry passes allow entry on both days.
Complimentary Tickets

You are entitled to 3 complimentary tickets per day (Saturday and Sunday) using this form here:

Tickets will be sent out to the email address(es) given on the form on or around 2nd November.

Event Opening Hours

Saturday: 10am - 6pm
Sunday: 10am - 5pm

Hotels & Accommodation

Some recommendations of sources of accommodation for traders staying overnight are:


If I leave the venue temporarily, can I re-enter?

Yes you can - make sure to get yourself a readmittance stamp at the Exit before leaving the venue.

Parking - Guests

Parking is available at Olympia. This needs to be booked in advance. Please note we are not able to refund parking or travel costs for speakers.

Olympia London is undergoing some development changes, so the car park from previous years has moved, but is still very close to the venue. See this image:

Full parking information and booking can be completed in advance of the event on Olympia London website here.

For other parking options nearby, follow the link here.


Should you require taxis on the day, here are a few taxi companies with telephone numbers:

Taxi Company Phone number
Addison Lee 0844 800 6677
eConnect Cars (fully electric - recommended) 020 3002 5544
K.A.B. Cars 020 7381 8888
Hurlingham Cars 020 7381 1111
North End Prestige Cars 020 7381 5555
Olympia Cars 020 7751 1111
Computer Cab Paddington 020 7286 0286
Radio Taxis 020 7272 0272
Regency (mini cabs) 020 7602 2000



Reminders before the event


Cancellations are to be avoided as much as possible, especially if your sessions have already been advertised online, as some of our visitors will be buying advance tickets specifically to see certain speakers / performers / talks advertised online in advance.

However, we understand that sometimes cancellations are unavoidable and in the scenario that you really need to cancel your appearances at the event, please:

  1. Notify the organisers as early as possible, and
  2. Try to find replacements for the sessions affected by your cancellations.

Those who would like to film at the event must fill in the form here and return it to the venue by email at [email protected] 1 week prior to the start of the event.

Please note that only hand-held, battery-powered equipment may be used in the hall. Gangways must be clear of dollies, tripods, cables and any other accessories.

Timing of Sessions

All guests are reminded to finish their session(s) on time before the next guest comes on in the area in which they are appearing – otherwise the running schedule for the sessions afterwards will get delayed and the guests afterwards will have less time for their sessions.

Full timetables for all areas will be published under “What’s On” in the menu bar at the top of this website.


For those doing talks

Vegan Policy

This event is a 100% vegan event and we ask that all our speakers are vegan themselves and we are only accepting talks / cookery demos on vegan education, rather than ‘other issues’. We particularly wish to avoid any sessions about campaigns that could be seen to help fuel xenophobia, or campaigns that rely on sexism, ableism, homophobia, body shaming or racism to promote their cause.

Please ensure that all sessions adhere to these guidelines, which cover the following areas:

  1. speeches given
  2. cookery ingredients used
  3. leaflets given out to visitors
  4. displays used (e.g. banners, posters etc)
  5. videos / slideshows shown
  6. songs performed

Please also ensure that you do not wear non-vegan apparel to the event, in order to set a good example for visitors who are passionate about the vegan cause.

If you are unsure about whether a particular product / ingredient / campaign is suitable or not, please contact the office beforehand.

AV Specifications

The following is a breakdown of the AV available for talks areas:

Fitness area: No screens available - just microphone and sound

Cookery Classes: Cookery equipment (see separate tab on this), power and small fridge. No screens available.

Plant Powered Planet area: No screens available - just microphone and sound

Vegan Business Tribe area: 100 inch screen & projector & 4 speakers. Bring your own laptop.

Nutrition area: 100 inch screen & projector & 4 speakers. Bring your own laptop.

Campaigning for Animals area: 100 inch screen & projector & 4 speakers. Bring your own laptop.

Writer's Corner area: 100 inch screen & projector & 4 speakers. Bring your own laptop.

Introduction to Plant-Based Lifestyles area: 100 inch screen & projector & 4 speakers. Bring your own laptop.

COP27 Conference area: 100 inch screen & projector & 4 speakers. Bring your own laptop.

For those doing cookery demos

Cookery equipment provided

The VegfestUK team will be bringing the list of equipment and utensils below, all of which will be usable at the event for chefs taking part in the Cookery Classes area. We would suggest you bring any other equipment you need, and to also please notify us that you're bringing any electrical goods, so we can confirm if there is enough power available.

Additionally if you need fridge space, the fridge dedicated to the Cookery Classes area is very small, so if this is an absolute 'must' for your demo, please notify us.

Foil trays
Kitchen roll
Rolls of bin bags
All purpose clothes
Tea Towels
Dust clothes
Hand wash
Washing up liquid
Touch control double induction hob 3kw
Chopping boards
Double hotplates
20cm pan
14cm pan
18cm pan
Frying Pans small to large
Mixing bowls all different sizes - small to very large
Cooling rack
Cheese graters
Plastic cups
Paper plates
Wooden spoons
Vegware forks
Bamboo skewers
Wooden forks

Please contact [email protected] if you intend to bring any electrical goods or equipment. Please tell us with time to spare before the show.

Gas and Naked Flames

Please note that gas and naked flames are strictly prohibited at this venue. All cooking must be done by electricity only.


Facilities at the venue

Cash Machines

There will be x3 Cash Machines available in the Grand Hall, on the Ground Floor. One is located to the left of Coe’s Bakery, one to the right of Eighteen 86 and one to the left of Live Well.

A NatWest cash point machine is located on Olympia Way, opposite Kensington (Olympia) station. This is close by to the visitor entrance of the Grand Hall.

Branches of major banks with ATM’s can be found on Kensington High Street.

208 Kensington High Street
W8 7RJ
t: 0845 755 5555

92 Kensington High Street
W8 4SH
t: 0845 740 4404

Lloyd’s Bank
112-114 Kensington High Street
W8 4SN
t: 0845 300 0000

55 Kensington High Street
W8 5ED
t: 0845 303 0955

142-144 Kensington High Street
W8 7RL
t: 0845 765 4321

A cloakroom is located on the Ground Floor (right by Coe's Artisan Bakery - top right of the floor plan)

There is a small charge per item stored.

The Cloakroom will be open from 9:30am until 6:30pm Saturday; and 9:30am until 5:30pm Sunday.

Water Points

The Water Points are located around the perimeter of the venue on both levels, including in the Cookery Classes area and the Wash Up Area at the 'top' of the ground floor floor plan.

Please do NOT pour cooking oils or solid food stuff into the sinks provided.

First Aid

The First Aid area of the show is next to the Vegan Business Tribe Live area, shown on the floor plan in the top right of the ground floor. (Visitors turn right as they come in the entrance)

The venue provides emergency first aid assistance to anyone who needs it. Please contact the nearest security personnel or the Public Information Desk for help. Alternatively, there are first aid rooms on the ground floor – see floor plan here for the location of the first aid rooms. (Top-right of the floor plan, accessible via the Vegan Business Tribe Live area, and at the bottom left of the ground floor there is a stairwell marked out for First Aid aswell)

If you believe an ambulance needs to be called, please ensure that this request is directed to the venue’s emergency control room on 020 7598 2666. The staff’s knowledge of the venue and directions for the ambulance could save vital time. 

For non-emergency calls, please use (020 7598) 2411.

Lost Property

All lost property should be handed to the venue’s cloakrooms.

If you are a victim of theft or damage, please report this to your nearest security personnel or steward. The organisers, however, cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage to your property.

Contact email for lost property post-event: [email protected]


Toilets are available throughout the venue. Please refer to the floor plan for locations.

Waste Disposal


There will be ample rubbish bins for clearing out rubbish.

All Waste should be discarded in clear plastic bags – These are widely available from most online retailers or catering suppliers.


Olympia London recycles or reuses all waste. Certain items are separated on site:

  • large quantities of paper,
  • glass,
  • plastics,
  • wood (without nails) and
  • flat-packed cardboard.  

Please separate these items from your general stand waste for collection.

Cooking oils

All cooking oils need to be removed from the venue in sealed containers. There are no facilities on site for cooking oil disposal.

Leftover stand materials after the show

The tenancy period of the show for exhibitors ends at 8pm on Sunday. Any stand materials not collected by that time will be disposed of.

Exhibitors and their contractors must remove excessive or hazardous waste at the end of the show, otherwise charges will be incurred.

Excessive Waste

Excessive waste is defined as:

  • literature (of any amount);
  • stand fitting material;
  • pallets;
  • material packaging; and
  • quantities of unsold stock or ‘give-aways’.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste is classified by the 2005 Hazardous Waste Regulations as:

  • light bulbs and fluorescent tubes;
  • electrical equipment and fittings;
  • gloss and emulsion paint and their containers;
  • cooking oils and their containers;
  • aerosols both full or empty;
  • oils and lubricants; and
  • oily rags.

Food Waste

We are working with City Harvest (on stall KH4) to help dispose of edible food waste. For non-edible food waste there will be bins specific to this available to traders.

Food waste should go into food waste bags which must be discarded into the designated food waste bins.