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Free Carers Tickets available, please email [email protected] to request.


Visit the show for £10 incl. fees per day (Saturday or Sunday)

All Tickets on BOGOF for a limited period

‘Bring a Friend to Vegfest’

* Kids under 16 – Free admission, no ticket required (must be accompanied by an adult)


Ticket options both online and at the gate include:


Saturday Day Ticket £10 Inc Fees

Saturday BOGOF Day Tickets £10 incl. fees – limited period

Sunday Day Ticket £10 incl. Fees

Sunday BOGOF Day Tickets £10 incl. fees – limited period

Weekend Ticket £15 incl. fees

Weekend Ticket BOGOF £15 incl. fees – limited period


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Terms and Conditions for Visitors

  1. Please do not bring any animal products to the event in any form; this is a vegan event.
  2. Please do not bring any of the following: alcohol, glass bottles, illegal substances, weapons.
  3. Pets and other animals are not permitted on site, due to health and safety reasons. The event is very crowded and not a suitable environment for pets. Assistance dogs are welcome of course, as are their companions.
  4. Visitors are liable to be searched on entry or at any time whilst visiting the show.
  5. No unruly or offensive behaviour will be tolerated at any time and the event management reserves the right to remove any such person who they deem to be using offensive language or behaviour detrimental to the overall wellbeing of the event. This particularly applies to anyone abusing, harassing or shouting at any exhibitors, speakers, staff and participants
  6. Visitors are required to demonstrate respect and politeness to exhibitors, speakers, staff and participants at all times at the event. Specifically visitors are reminded that they are required to allow all participants at the event to work safely and without interruption or harassment.
  7. Visitors are not permitted to question exhibitors on management policy or any other aspect pertaining to the management of the exhibitor trading at the event, and that any such matter should be raised outside of the event where applicable.
  8. Visitors agree to leave an exhibition stand if requested to do so by the exhibitor, security or a member of staff and may be ejected from the event if they refuse.
  9. Behaviour deemed detrimental to the welfare of exhibitors is not permitted and may result in ejection from the premises. The organisers reserve the right to remove visitors at any time during the event if they deem their behaviour to be in breech of these Terms and conditions
  10. Visitors who have been involved with any hate or smear campaigns against the organisers, the venue or any exhibitors, speakers, staff and participants at the event are not permitted to attend VegfestUK London 22 and will be required to leave if asked.
  11. Visitors whose profile has already been forwarded to security as they may be a risk to the event may be asked to leave the event by security.
  12. No refunds or expenses are repayable in the event of ejection from the event and no liability is accepted by the organisers for such actions
  13. The organisers or venue are not liable for any losses incurred by visitors, exhibitors, speakers, staff and participants in the event of a cancellation, including travel and accommodation costs
  14. This is a no smoking venue.
  15. Readmittance is available from 10am – 6pm on Saturday and from 10am – 5pm on Sunday. To gain readmittance, please get a readmittance stamp at the front gate on exit from the Foyer
  16. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult and may be asked to show proof of age.
  17. In the event of unavoidable cancellation (e.g. due to adverse weather, terrorist alert), we are unable to offer refunds for this event due to high up-front non-returnable costs.
  18. The published line up is subject to change and no refunds are possible in the event of the line up changing. 
  19. Visitors are not permitted to flyer or promote any business, charity, event or organisation at this event.
  20. If visitors think that any terms and conditions are breached by another visitor, they agree to contact the venue management and not approach the visitor concerned. In particular this applies to items and clothing, behaviour and potential offensive messaging. Visitors may be subject to removal from venue if they attempt to approach other visitors to complain about an issue.
  21. By entering the venue either with tickets, guest passes, wristbands, or any other valid or invalid entry authorisation, attendees are automatically subject to these terms and conditions.


The Ticket Sellers – Terms & Conditions for Customers

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