Art of Compassion Exhibition

Image credit: Lynda Bell 



A large (and central) part of VegfestUK London’s return this year is welcoming Art of Compassion Project back to run a giant exhibition, right in the heart of the event.


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The Art of Compassion Project is a widescale group of artists from around the world, who all share a common goal – to assist in the move towards a vegan future, with art and creativity as their mediums.


Over the years the exhibitions have rapidly grown, and since 2019 when planning began for this event – originally expected for 2020 – we have wanted to centralise the Art of Compassion Exhibition and put it squarely in the middle of our new hall, the Grand, at Olympia, surrounded by campaign groups, charities and worthy causes. (EX stalls – click the image below to visit the floor plan)



We were thrilled then to find out earlier this year, that the Art of Compassion Project’s next benefactor for their latest creative project – an ornate and elaborate Oracle Deck – is none other than VegfestUK. The team at Vegfest were (and still are) blown away, and we personally cannot WAIT to see the deck in all it’s glory. We’re expecting all being well that the Oracle will be available to purchase at the event, along with – as always – prints and clothing from Art of Compassion, so please do visit what will be an astounding and colourful exhibition right in the centre of the ground floor area.



About Art of Compassion Project


Founded by artist Leigh Sanders, the Art of Compassion (AOC) Project is an international art collective that aims to support the compassionate lifestyle of veganism by donating 100 percent of proceeds from various art projects to non-profit vegan organizations. Through this effort, we also aim to build a strong international community of vegan artists who share the same vision—to use their art as a means to spread the vegan message. Currently, the AOC Project is in its 8th year, and is supported by over 190 artists from twenty-eight countries.


The group has enjoyed a close relationship with Vegfest, curating several exhibitions at various Vegfests all over the UK since late 2017.


Recently, one of the first members of the AOC, Philip McCulloch-Downs had one of his more visceral/satirical anti-meat paintings chosen by the group ‘SaveArtSpace’ for display on a 23 foot-long billboard in the heart of New York City. Also selected for this large scale public display was an informative and challenging piece by Kate Louise Powell – one of the newest members of the AOC group. There couldn’t be a better example of the effectiveness and far-reaching nature of ‘animal rights art’ in the new, post-pandemic, more ethically-aware world of 2022.





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