Please follow the instructions below for items that need to be booked directly with external contractors / suppliers:
CDM registration - via Calvin Hanks

All exhibitors and any associated contractors are required to register for health and safety information on working on site prior to arrival - the registration page will be live from October 2020.

Electricity and Lighting - via Moyne

Booking Electricity / Lighting

Electricity and lighting should be booked directly with Moyne, official contractor for electrical services at the show.

Please note: electricity and lighting can only be booked at stalls highlighted in yellow / orange on the floor plan. (except stalls in the PV and PY blocks, which are no-power blocks)

To order power, please fill in this form here and return it to Moyne at [email protected]

Deadline for earlybird rates: October 16th 2020 (by 5pm)

Hotels - via HotelMap

We have a limited number of exclusive hotel deals for attendees of this event. These special offers can be booked by telephone or online via HotelMap on this page here.

Should you have any questions on hotel bookings via HotelMap, please email [email protected] or on +44 (0)20 7292 2335.

NOTE: Hotel costs are not subsidised by the organisers.

Internet - via EForce

The venue provides a free Wifi service which is suitable for casual browsing only – it is not a secure connection and hence not suitable for transactions or streaming of large amounts of data.

If you require a secure broadband for the duration of the event, please complete the form here and return it to E-Force, internet suppliers of the venue, at [email protected] by October 14th 2020.

Please note:

  1. Internet is charged per device. If you need internet on more than 1 devices, please book more than 1 connection point using the order form at the link above.
  2. Eforce does not recommend using 4G networks for secure transactions. Exhibitors who need to run secure transactions on their devices are advised to book internet in advance. If you do not need a support cable, the Wifi option (up to 2MB for 1 device) is recommended. For full range of options offered by the venue, see the order form at the link above.
  3. Also make sure that your devices are up to date before use at the venue.
Parking - via Olympia London

Parking is not included in the stall prices – this needs to be booked separately by stallholders.

Olympia London has two public car parks - they are indicated as P3 and P4 on the map here.

P3 is a multi-storey car park with 380 spaces (height restriction of 2 metres).
P4 is a flat-surface car park with 175 spaces (height restriction of 4 metres).

Car parking opening times

Friday 0700-2230
Saturday 0700-1900
Sunday 0700-2230

To book your parking at Olympia London's car park, please use the form here. (please note: parking spaces at this car park need to be booked in advance)

For other parking options nearby, follow the link here.

Shell Scheme Nameboard and Features - Moyne

Stalls highlighted in yellow / orange / purple on our floor plan are equipped with a shell scheme with nameboard containing the exhibitor name, whilst those highlighted in blue are space-only stalls with no shell schemes.

Order form for shell scheme features and nameboards to be available from March