Yaoh is one of the UK’s original hemp companies, founded back in 2002 in Bristol.

Yaoh, one of the UK’s original hemp companies, is celebrating 20 years this year with the launch of several new products, some new designs and a makeover on their packaging, ensuring sustainability and affordability remain at the top of their priorities along with their vegan credentials. 3 new moisturisers, a shampoo and a shower gel join the range of hemp based natural body care products that have been a regular fixture in independent health stores across the country, and the Yaoh team are understandably proud of their achievements.

“Over the last 2 decades, Yaoh has been symbolic with hemp, vegan and eco friendly options and we are thrilled to be working with the latest developments in sustainable packaging” notes founder Tim Barford, “and with our 20th anniversary this year, a great time to be giving our iconic brand a makeover and shift into better packaging options. Plus we have some outstanding new fragrances to work with and that is fabulous news for Yaoh fans. It’s not been an easy 2 years or so for any independent business but it’s vital we all keep moving forward and improving and working towards net zero goals. Sustainable packaging, hemp and vegan are all part of these solutions, and it’s a genuine thrill to see Yaoh taking these steps.”


The new products include 3 new fragrances – a Tea Tree, a Mandarin & Grapefruit and a Ylang Ylang option join the existing Yaoh moisturiser family, and the new Tea Tree shampoo, and the Mandarin & Grapefruit Shower Gel look set to be very popular this summer. Uplifting, clean and effervescent, but with a very natural and evolving fragrance, these new options enhance the existing Yaoh range which includes the Original (Rosemary, Mint & Thyme) in all formats. And in the pipeline for a late summer release are 3 new Body Butters with improved formulas and new fragrances – exciting times for Yaoh.

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All its products are 100% vegan, not tested on animals, as well as being free from sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens, harmful substances and unnecessary chemical additives.

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Yaoh’s products are available to purchase on the Yaoh website www.yaoh.co.uk and at selected independent health stores.

For full list of stockists, visit https://www.yaoh.co.uk/stockists/

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