The Vegan Society

Official Sponsors of the COP27 Conference on the VegfestUK London weekend

The Vegan Society is passionate about fixing our broken food system, and is delighted to be the official sponsors of the COP27 Conference on the VegfestUK London weekend.

In an increasingly fractured and dislocated world, food is one thing that should bring us all together. We all need to eat. Instead, it has become a contentious issue, with implications for our climate change goals, freight systems, public institutions and the way we use land here in the UK and abroad.

We will be discussing various aspects of our work:


Relaunch of Plate up for the Planet

The Vegan Society is relaunching the Plate Up for the Planet campaign, showing the link between diet and environmental damage. The campaign is designed to help environmentally conscious people visualise how taking the first step on the vegan journey and making ‘one little switch’ to plant-based alternatives could have an environmental impact and how this might look in their daily lives.


Planting Value in the Food System

We’ll also be discussing our landmark report: Planting Value in the Food System.

This project reached across traditional divides, and got round the table to listen to farmers, food policy experts, NGOs and more to discuss what our vision for a fair food system looks like.

Changes in our food production, diets and food culture require action from right across society – not only at the level of individual food choices, or of national policy. The report calls for all public and private institutions to show leadership and join The Vegan Society’s pledge to plant value back in the food system:

  • The goal is Zero Animals. We acknowledge we won’t get there overnight, but we won’t accept half measures.
  • Everyone is a winner – we all need to eat. A Food Sustainability Bill adds justice to a piecemeal system.
  • Actions speak louder than words – we need legally mandated targets for reducing the consumption of animals, on the way to achieving animal justice.
  • Plant based on purpose. We want plant-based options to be the default on menus.


Download the report!