Kakadu Creative

Kakadu Creative are a full-service, vegan design agency with a track record of 5-star customer service.

They work with businesses and organisations who are on a mission to do better business; better business for people, planet and animals.


Kakadu Creative was launched in 2017 when founders Kayleigh and Lee left their careers in the media sector. Having worked with national and international businesses to plan and implement advertising campaigns and design market-leading magazines they were unfulfilled.


They wanted to use their skills for good and are now on a mission to help vegan and purpose-led businesses launch, scale and grow with creative, unique, and impactful branding and design.


Making sure vegan businesses stand out from the crowd, win the hearts and minds of their customers and can make a difference are the things that make them tick.

Kakadu Creative put planet before profit and support other businesses with the same ethos. As they say, everyone has a part to play in creating a sustainable and ethical world. But nobody ever said it had to be with boring, generic branding and design.


Interested to see how they can help your business?