Advertising options

A number of advertising options are available to enhance your presence prior to the show
Stallholder Description (for stallholders at the event only)

(on website and in event programme)

Enhance your presence at the event with a 50 word description and your logo added to the Exhibitors page of the website and the programme.

On Website and in Programme – £50 + vat

Customised poster on Facebook (for stallholders of the event only)

A customised poster will be created for you (with a picture that you provide, plus your stall name and stall number on the poster). This will then be posted on VegfestUK's Facebook page in the run-up to the event.

Price - £50 + vat

Optimum dimension for the picture that you provide - width 400 x height 640 in pixels

Below is a sample customised poster created for a stallholder at VegfestUK Brighton 2018.


Inclusion in Special Offers Booklet (for stallholders at the event only)

We are encouraging all our stallholders to do a really impressive 'show special' which will be listed free of charge on the Exhibitors page of the website and in our event programme. This is to encourage consumers to visit the show and shop at the show.

You can also feature your show special in our Special Offers Booklet (to be printed and distributed widely before the show) at the following rates:

Size of feature Dimensions Rate
1/4 page advert (landscape) W148mm x H52.5mm + 3mm bleed £50
1/3 page advert (landscape) W148mm x H70mm + 3mm bleed £75
1/2 page advert (landscape) W148mm x H105mm + 3mm bleed £100
1 page advert W148mm x H210mm + 3mm bleed £200
2 page advert (double page spread) W297mm x H210mm + 3mm bleed £400

The deadline for inclusion in the Booklet is the end of August 2018.

As a taster, click here for a Special Offers Booklet that we compiled in the run-up to VegfestUK Brighton 2018.

Adverts in Event Programme

(prices are for finished print-ready artwork only and do not include design)

Rates and dimensions as follows:

Advert size Orientation Price
(subject to VAT)
Dimensions (mm)
1/4 page vertical £50 W84 x H120
+ 3mm bleed around all edges
1/2 page vertical £100 W84 x H240
+ 3mm bleed around all edges
1/2 page horizontal £100 W168 x H120
+ 3mm bleed around all edges
1 page vertical £200 W168 x H240
+ 3mm bleed around all edges
2 page (DPS) horizontal £400 W336 x H240
+ 3mm bleed around all edges

Please note that all artwork should be in either PDF / JPG format, with minimum resolution of 300 dpi, in CMYK colour profile.

Finished artwork should be submitted to by the end of August 2018 at the latest.

See below for a selection of pages from our event programme for VegfestUK Brighton 2018 showing how the adverts look like (click on images to enlarge):

1/4 page adverts

1/2 page vertical advert

1/2 page horizontal advert

1 page advert

2 page (DPS) advert

The Blogblaster

Your own personal blog created and published by us, and shared across our media outlets.
£200 + vat
Length of campaign: 2 weeks


  • A blog created specifically for you, which will appear under both ‘UK News’ taband ‘Our Blog’ tab on the Vegfest Express (blog content approx. 200 – 300 words, 6-8 images and multiple links). Price includes design and publishing.
  • The blog will then be shared across our media channels and 2 Facebook and Twitter accounts at the start of the week, which include VegfestUK and Vegfest Express.
  • The blog will be re-posted a week later and re-shared at the end of the week.
  • You will share your blog through your own social media outlets.
  • Plus bonus 50 words, header and link to your blog will also be included in our monthly bulletin.

Click here for an example of our blog for Greener Beauty, which has been shared on VegfestUK's social media platforms after publication.

The Panel Beater

Your advert splashed across the homepage of each of our websites, plus 50 words news in our monthly bulletin.
£200 + vat
Length of campaign: 2 weeks


Finished artwork to be provided by yourself – if you need help with artwork design, we can refer you to the services of our preferred design team.

Please see below the dimensions (in pixels) and illustrations of the web adverts for our different websites:

The Vegfest Express

Leaderboard banner – W728 x H90
Sliding Gallery – W661 x H370
Web advert – W300 x H250

VegfestUK Brighton, VegfestUK Bristol, VegfestUK, VegfestUK London

Web advert – W595 x H325
Newspiece – title (10 words), subheader (10 words), description (30 words plus a weblink)

The Blogblaster Panel Beater Remix

A combination of the Blogblaster and the Panel Beater options extended for an extra 2 weeks to create a month-long package.
£350 + vat
Length of campaign: 1 month


  • A combination of a blog and adverts for a month, with the blog repeated 4 times, shared once a week across our social media channels, and your adverts on the sliding galleries on the 6 websites for one month.
  • Web advert on right-hand side of the Vegfest Express (dimensions W300 x H250 in pixels). The web advert appears on the right-hand menu of every page, and will be rotated with 2 other adverts of the same size.
  • You will share your blog through your own social media outlets.
  • Plus bonus 50 words, header and link to your blog will also be included in our monthly bulletin.


Please note: Only adverts for vegan products / services will be accepted. 

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