A Well-Fed World

Feeding Families / Saving Animals

A Well-Fed World chips away at two of the world’s most immense, unnecessary and unconscionable forms of suffering… the suffering of people hungry from lack of food, and the suffering of animals used and abused for food.

Today’s food system results in billions of malnourished people, with millions dying every year due to hunger-related causes. A world that is “well-fed” ensures enough quality food for everyone. Such food maximizes well-being and minimizes harm. It is produced and distributed to nourish people, protect animals, and replenish the planet.

Globally, 70+ billion land animals die annually because of our meat-centric food system. That’s 130,000+ every minute. As some of the world’s top per capita meat consumers, Americans are responsible for more than one million farmed animal deaths every hour. If left unchecked, the global numbers could skyrocket to 100 billion by 2050, with most suffering horrific factory farm conditions.

The United Nations reported that animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse emissions (GHGs) than all transportation combined. Other environmental specialists concluded it is responsible for more than half of all human-caused GHGs. Regardless of production method, minimizing consumption of animal-sourced foods (meat, dairy, and eggs) is critical to reducing our climate footprint.

AWFW’s dual mission uniquely helps both people and animals in dire need. Their research and advocacy create structural change by highlighting the food security benefits of pro-veg policies and food choices. Their programs strengthen effective, innovative groups working on shoestring budgets. With their vast network and low overhead, your tax-deductible donation makes a direct and meaningful difference.


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