Tony Wardle

Tony Wardle

Associate Director of Viva!

Tony has been with Viva! since its launch, and as well as being Associate Director he is editor of Viva!Life magazine. While he can turn his hand to most things that Viva! does, his time is consumed mostly with words: writing for and editing Viva!Life, checking and editing a large output of written material, as well as conceiving and writing much of it.

Tony witnessed what life was really like on modern dairy farms when he lived surrounded by them. The catalyst for his veganism was when a cow gave birth in the field outside his house and he watched as she followed with great anxiety her little bull calf as he was carried away to the farmyard – to be shot.


Younger vegan, older vegan – a conversation

Over the last few years, the face and image of veganism has changed for the younger. What can the different generations of vegans learn from each other? Come and join us for a panel discussion involving a veteran vegan campaigner of several decades’ experience and one of the new generation – and do bring your own unique perspective, too.

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