Tom Pickering

Tom Pickering

Writer, Director & Producer

At age 5, Tom’s parents took him to watch Jurassic Park at the cinema, leading to Tom developing a fear of being eaten by dinosaurs. Irresponsible parenting, one might say. But to Tom it was worth it, because it was here his lifelong love of film was born.

Tom had found his purpose. He was to pursue a career in the film industry, and where possible, avoid being eaten by dinosaurs.

Years later, Tom had collected a string of awards, establishing himself as a director, editor and producer, eventually founding his production company Lock the Tent Productions.

But something was missing.

Tom’s parents raised him a vegetarian, and later in life after discovering the horrors of the egg and dairy industries, Tom turned vegan. He realised he couldn’t stand by and do nothing when billions of animals were being slaughtered every year, needlessly.

At some point it dawned on Tom that these two huge passions he had in filmmaking and veganism could be combined, and that he could start telling stories that had the power to change lives.

Too many myths still surrounded veganism.

Tom recognised this, and here is where the idea to bring feature documentary I Could Never Go Vegan to the big screen was born. With the help of his brother, Tom set out to capture the various arguments that face the vegan movement and find whether these are justified or not.

I Could Never Go Vegan is due for release on 26 December, 2022 on a major streaming platform.

Tom also has an exciting vegan sports series planned, has recently founded a new campaign due to launch in 2023, and has a feature horror film in pre-production. He’s happily married, and when not working he’ll usually be with his wife and cocker spaniel, Chan, out on the trails.


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