Todd Sinclair

Todd Sinclair

Author of Rebel Vegan Life

Todd Sinclair grew up on his family’s dairy farm on Prince Edward Island, Canada where he routinely helped cut off the testicles of bulls without any anaesthetic.


At the time, he was immersed in the farming system where he constantly heard the crying of orphaned calves. Deep down his heart was telling him something was wrong with this picture. Although he felt duty bound to take over the running of the farm, Todd instead moved to London, UK at the age of 19 where he shortly came out as gay and immersed himself into city life.


His first job was in the prestigious hardback books department at Harrods where he’d regularly organise book signings with celebrity authors including Joan Collins, Nancy Reagan and Jeffrey Archer. Todd later spent 12 years working for one of the UK’s leading homelessness charities, managing a multi-million-pound budget for a 29-bed accommodation centre. A desire to explore the world led to a new career in travel as an international tour leader for Tucan Travel and G Adventures where Todd set up tours in Central America and Southeast Asia. He also had his own side business running bespoke tours for small groups, including vegan ones. After becoming ill in Vietnam five years ago after eating dodgy meat from a stall, Todd was taken in by a group of monks who helped him heal by feeding him a plant-based diet. While he didn’t convert to Buddhism, he did become a passionate vegan.


When travel came to a standstill in early 2020, Todd re-evaluated his life and came full circle back to publishing. He wrote the Rebel Vegan trilogy to show how vegan values are a fundamental way forward to avoid future pandemics, protect animals and the planet, and take care of our health.


The trilogy comprises:

· REBEL VEGAN LIFE: A Radical Take on Veganism for a Brave New World – the first post-pandemic analysis of why veganism matters now more than ever.

· REBEL VEGAN LIFE: Plant-Based Nutrition and Beginner’s Guide – a complete manual for creating a plant-based lifestyle, written with a registered nutritionist

· REBEL VEGAN TRAVEL GUIDE: Veganism on the Go – the first book to show how we can use the lessons of the pandemic to help us go back out into the world safely and connect more ethically and sustainably.


The Rebel Vegan ethos celebrates each step a person makes towards a plant-based lifestyle. Todd is a popular speaker and media commentator, specialising in vegan lifestyle and travel.


He lives in Kings Cross, London, and spends his leisure time exploring its hidden history.


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