Susan Joyce

Susan Joyce

Founder of Little Green Pigeon

I’m Sue ! I started out in life as an R.V.N. in Veterinary Practice. I worked in several practices in the midlands, he final one being a Veterinary Hospital in the West Midlands where I was the Patient Co-ordinator. I opened one of the first Dog Daycare centres in the UK in Staffordshire where me and my staff looked after 30 dogs each day – this was my dream business! After several happy years, a fall from a bridge fractured my back in several places and meant I could not walk for a while. Regrettably, I had to close this business.
I went to work back at a Veterinary hospital and this is where my journey as a bird carer really began. 
I have run a bird rescue along side work for 7 years, and in 2020 I received enough support to allow me to stop any other work and draw a small wage from L.G.P which means I can look after patients while fundraising and designing shop products. To raise funds for the sanctuary, we sell our products here on our website. We also sell our L.G.P. products to selected suppliers in the UK such as Garden centres and animal supply stores. We have an active Patreon page where you can sponsor a bird! 
I’ve been vegetarian since age 8 and Vegan for the last 11 years. 


So you want to run an animal sanctuary?

Many vegans dream of one day running their own animal sanctuary, it seems the perfect way to bring together your vegan ethics with making a real difference in the world. But successfully running an animal rescue can be harder than you think.

In this session, we bring together a group of vegan sanctuary owners to tell us the realities of running an animal shelter and to share their stories and tips for others thinking about setting up their own.

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