Stephen Coote

Stephen Coote

Vegan bodybuilder

Stephen (@veganbodybuilding on Instagram) is a bodybuilder, powerlifter and founder of Having been raised lacto-vegetarian he is fortunate to have never consumed meat, fish or eggs and after learning about the ethics of dairy went vegan four years ago. When going vegan he was repeatedly warned from all angles that he wouldn’t be able to get enough protein or iron! This ignited a deep desire to demonstrate that the lack of meat/dairy wouldn’t compromise health or strength and was used as fuel to work his way up to a muscular physique weighing 210lbs (95kg) with just 8% bodyfat. He found deadlifting well over a quarter tonne (265kg) would usually quickly end any debates about “vegans being weak”! Stephen then wanted to reach out to other people to dispel the dietary myths around the vegan lifestyle and lead others by positivity to veganism with sound nutritional advice, which he does every day via RiseOfTheVegan, across social media and via presentations at vegan events.

12:00pm - 12:45pm

Vivo Life Fitness Panel

The Vivo Life Fitness Panel is made up of inspiring athletes from around the world who have reached an elite level of fitness on a plant based diet. All athletes on the panel use and recommend Vivo Life supplements to support their training and recovery.

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