Rosa Sharkey

Rosa Sharkey

Animal Rebellion Activist

I have been active in taking direct action on climate change for around a year, taking action with various movements including extinction rebellion and just stop oil. When I found out about Animal Rebellion’s Plant Based Future campaign I absolutely had to take part, it combines fighting climate change with animal rights advocacy to provide a solution to both! Through transitioning to a plant based food system we can end the mass suffering of animals in the agricultural mechanism and free up enough land to reforest and rewild the British country side to the extent that a carbon drawdown process leading us to be able to sequester the amount of carbon we emit by burning fossil fuels.

I study International Development, this area is highly focussed on climate change and the effects of various human activities on the planet. Through my studies I know that to ensure a liveable future and have a food system secure enough to withstand the unavoidable consequences of the climate emergency we MUST make this transition. It makes complete sense, before even considering the unjust treatment of animals that we need to address.


Love, Resistance and a Plant Based Future

This summer Animal Rebellion stopped the supply of dairy to stand against animal and climate exploitation. Learn about our success and how direct action creates change. This is the most important issue of our time. A Plant-based future is the only liveable future, join us in resistance to make this a reality.

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