Rory Cockshaw

Rory Cockshaw

Campaigner for Viva!

Rory joined Viva! as a Campaigner in the summer of 2022. He went vegetarian in 2019, just before heading to university, because he fancied a bit of a change to his usual eating habits and he had heard something about vegetarianism being good for the environment. This opened a window, just a crack, to the world of animal suffering. Within a few months, he went to a talk by a prominent online vegan activist and joined Viva! as a campaigner in the summer of 2022.


How to justify not eating animals: a masterclass

Rory takes a bird’s-eye view of vegan argumentation in this whirlwind tour of philosophy, ethics, science, and lifestyle. From masculine stereotypes to whacky thought experiments, factory farms to cultural colonialism, the rhetoric of veganism have never been so rich and complex as it is today.

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