Rome Haghighat

Rome Haghighat

Rome Haghighat is a native to the London street gang culture, who now supports and offers young adults in our communities a productive and constructive opportunities for a successful future and potential career opportunities.  future career choices. Rome made a fresh start in 2019, when he set up Not-for-Profit Organisation Truth Youth C.I.C, partnering with Police and Local Authorities to coordinate events and programmes.

Having grown up in some of London’s toughest areas with a single parent, Rome had a challenging childhood and and more challenging adolescent years- which in turn is what has made him a relatable and influential character in the youth support programmes in multiple London Boroughs.

Truth Youth has run several successful programmes such as Truth Careers. Truth Careers was established to provide a hub for young adults to explore, research and experience different career opportunities, by utilising Truth Youth and Rome’s personal network in the community and professionals. Training days, training courses, internships and apprenticeships are arranged amongst different professional sectors for young adults to utilise and build professional skills whilst participating.

Rome now looks to incorporate Business with Youth work. An electric ethos to the growth and elevation of young adults, Rome seeks to offer the guidance and opportunities available at Truth Youth to all areas nationwide in the near future via digital and social platforms.

The most recent programme launched is Health & Holistics. Initially introduced as “Truth Kitchen” as it was based in the kitchen of our unit, the aim has been to educate young adults about health and holism, including diets and sources of whole nutrition.


Who is Health & Holistics?

Who is Health & Holistics? The first limited company in the UK with an employment structure enforced of 17-24yrs only. Working with local authorities and police to empower young adults through business & health! H&H was launched in partnership with Truth Youth C.I.C and North London Community Consortium (NLCC) established local Not-For-Profit Organisations, with the aim to facilitate the employment and development of young adults in the community.

Nutrition full timetable