I went vegan overnight in February 2013 after being vegetarian for a number of years. My transition to this lifestyle was motivated after seeing a film screening of Peaceable Kingdom at my local vegan group. Health and fitness are of particular interest to me and I’m a keen amateur cyclist. I enjoy cycling with vegan and non-vegan friends, and demonstrating how veganism can improve athletic abilities. This is a great form of activism! Originally, I lived in the West Midlands but now live in Devon. I travel on business around the UK and for pleasure around the world. I’m passionate about sharing how easy it is to eat vegan on the go. I share my dining experiences wherever I am on Facebook and Instagram. I am also involved in my local group, Exeter Friends for Animals (EFFA). My involvement ranges from website and social media support to helping at our regular Exeter Vegan Market. As I now live in the south of the UK, I deliver the 6 steps to going vegan talks in this region, in London and as far away as the Midlands.


6 Steps to Going Vegan

Are you thinking about going vegan? Have you tried being vegan before but come across some challenges? Are you a new vegan? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then please join us at our Vegan Approach talk.

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