Prof. Andrew Knight

Prof. Andrew Knight

Veterinary Professor of Animal Welfare

Whilst a Western Australian veterinary student in 2000, Andrew Knight caused controversy by refusing to kill animals during his surgical and preclinical training. Instead, he helped establish a humane surgical training program, based partly on neutering homeless animals from animal shelters. Andrew is now a UK, European, American and New Zealand Veterinary Specialist in animal welfare. He is Professor of Animal Welfare and Ethics, and Founding Director of the Centre for Animal Welfare, at the University of Winchester, where he created and leads a very popular distance-learning MSc in Animal Welfare, Behaviour, Ethics and Law. He has numerous academic and popular publications and a series of YouTube videos on animal issues. These include an extensive series examining the contributions to human healthcare, veterinary and other education, of invasive procedures on animals, which formed the basis for his 2010 PhD and his subsequent book, The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments. He is the Lead Editor of the 2023 Routledge Handbook of Animal Welfare, described as a “bible for the animal advocacy movement”. His many other scientific and popular articles cover vegan companion animal diets, climate change and the livestock sector, and other key animal welfare issues. He regularly works with charities to advocate for animals, with his work covered by media outlets over 500 times in the last year. He has received over 20 awards and research grants for this work. Further information:


Climate Change: The Livestock Connection

Dr Andrew Knight opens the conference with an evidence based talk examining the links between animal agriculture and climate change, presenting the case for a rapid switch to plant-based food systems.

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A “bible for the animal advocacy movement” – the Routledge Handbook of Animal Welfare

Underpinned by science and comprehensively covering virtually all contemporary animal welfare issues, as well as key related topics such as animal ethics, law and human behavioural change, the Routledge Handbook for Animal Welfare has been described as a “bible for the animal advocacy movement”.

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Should Cats & Dogs Go Vegan?

A revolution is underway in the pet food sector. Vegan pet foods are disrupting a traditionally meat-based industry. Key large-scale studies since 2021 provide new evidence about pet health, nutritional soundness, dietary palatability and environmental sustainability. These key results are reviewed.

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