Pia Werzinger

Pia Werzinger

Pia became vegetarian during a gap year in South-East Asia over 12 years ago, after making ‘the connection’ and learning about the horrors of the dog meat trade. Following lots of research into animal agriculture standards, she’s now been vegan for 8 years. Feeling extremely passionate about Viva!’s work, Pia moved halfway across the country in November 2021 to be part of the movement.


An Introduction to Plant-Based Diets

An excellent panel of experts discussing 4 of the best introductory plant based challenges, with representatives from Animal Aid, The Vegan Society, Viva and the Plant Based Health Professionals comparing notes about the different approaches and successes of these challenges, designed to help people adopt a plant based diet. Hosted by Vanessa Sturman.

Introduction to Plant-Based Lifestyles full timetable