Pat Reeves

Pat Reeves

I am looking forward to being incredibly busy for the remaining six months of 2017: All three National events have occurred with the National Singles Championships, where I broke my own World Deadlift record – fantastic! I have five International events to officiate this year – Italy in four weeks, followed by Antwerp where I hope to re-break my World record! – Ukraine, Malta and Boston, USA plus several local power-lifting events to organise and/or officiate.
Within my role as Practitioner of Nutritional and Functional Medicine, though based in the West Midlands, I am also addressing health concerns in Detroit hospital and two German clinics –  I enjoy a very busy and totally rewarding life!
By flourishing on a plant-based diet for fifty one years – the last twenty-six of those mainly consuming Living Foods, I’ve transformed my health enabling me to defeat Intractable cancer.
My updated book ‘A Living Miracle’ now provides information relative to the most valuable supplementation that has dramatically assisted my patients over the last few years. My book also covers all aspects of how to maintain a Living Food Lifestyle as easily as switching on an oven! 

1:00pm - 1:45pm

Fit-food for longevity

I will provide vital information as to how to prepare appropriate food to resolve specific dis-ease situations and what we daily need to eat beyond accessing our half-century and obviously SO much more! We all want to remain on Planet Earth for as long as possible and require maximum absorption as of our immune system’s requirements.

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