Pat Reeves

Pat Reeves

Powerlifting champion; Practitioner of Nutritional and Functional Medicine

At the time of writing, I am looking forward to being incredibly busy for remaining few months of 2018:  All three National events have occurred with the World Single Powerlifting Championships taking place in Malta in June where I re-broke my own World Dead-lift record – fantastic! I have two remaining International events to officiate this year – European Singles in Dublin in September followed by World Full Power in Glasgow in November. On 2nd September, I run my local West Midland Divisional Championships as a qualifier for 2019 National/International events.

Within my role as practitioner of Nutritional and Functional Medicine, though based in the West Midlands, I am also addressing health concerns from Detroit hospital and two German clinics – I enjoy a very busy and totally-rewarding life!

Being sustained via a plant-based dietary protocol for fifty three years – the last thirty of those mainly consuming living foods, has convincingly transformed my health and radically changed orthodox predicted outcome, enabling me to defeat an intractable cancer situation.

My updated book ‘A Living Miracle’ now confers information relative to the most valuable supplementation which has dramatically assisted my patients over the last few years. My book also covers all aspects of how to make a living food lifestyle as easy as switching on an oven!