Owen Gayle

Owen Gayle

Raw fruitarian personal trainer and strength coach; national champion in martial arts

Owen has been ­­­living a predominantly raw fruitarian lifestyle for the past 5 years, experimenting back and forth throughout this time with various vegan variations.

In 2008 Owen began training to become a personal trainer and strength coach while at the same time training in mixed martial arts (MMA). By 2012 Owen was a top 10 ranked professional MMA fighter competing at an elite European level. Owen was also training as a full time strength coach under the well-respected strength coach and athlete Tom Hibbert from Winning Health Solutions/Winning Performance.

Owen’s journey in martial arts began at just the age of 4 years old after taking up Taekwondo. Owen began competing in full contact competitions at 5 years old eventually becoming a national champion, achieved a 1st Dan black belt at 8 years old and eventually a 2nd Dan black belt at 12 years old.

Currently, Owen is the owner of a successful Southampton based training facility called Muscle Up Gym. A gym dedicated to calisthenics, sports conditioning and body mobility. Working from this central hub, Owen is now specialising in sports conditioning with the use of calisthenics as well as a health advisor specialising in fruit and plant based lifestyles.


4:30pm - 5:00pm

To Meat or Not to Meat: A Fruitarian Athlete’s Journey

Owen will be discussing his experience of competing in professional mixed martial arts (MMA) at the elite level with an extreme meat-dominated diet in comparison to his experience as a fruitarian athlete competing in MMA. He will also highlight his confusion as a meat-eater trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

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