Orla Coghlan

Orla Coghlan

Animal and Climate Activist

I was born and raised in Ireland where I studied to become a nurse. I have been vegan for 8 years and in 2021 I left my career in Childrens Nursing to pursue activism full time. For the past year I have been heavily involved in animal rights, nature, and climate activism. I volunteer full time with Animal Rebellion whose primary focus is campaigning through direct action for a plant based future. My primary work has been in actions and mobilisation. Campaigns I have worked heavily on include Animal freedom movement where 5 Beagles were released from MBR. Just Stop Oil campaign which caused 1 billion pounds of losses and countrywide petrol station closures. Plant Based Future campaign (Animal Rebellion) which was a 1 week disruption to the UKs milk supply and actions around the country in supermarkets and disruption’s of high profile events. Resulted in 100s of arrests, huge media coverage including 1800+ online media mentions, an observable shift in the environmental movement in the UK to focus more on animal ag. Always intended to be a small stepping stone to much more ambitious campaigns in 2023.


Love, Resistance and a Plant Based Future

This summer Animal Rebellion stopped the supply of dairy to stand against animal and climate exploitation. Learn about our success and how direct action creates change. This is the most important issue of our time. A Plant-based future is the only liveable future, join us in resistance to make this a reality.

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