Olivier Mankondo

Olivier Mankondo

Speaker, Author, Weight Loss & Wellness Coach

Olivier Mankondo is a speaker, author, weight loss and wellness coach with a passion to help people achieve optimal heath. Olivier has been able to lose 35Kgs(5 ½ stone or 77 pound) in 9 months, reverse all his chronic diseases and slow down quite dramatically his ageing process after adopting a plant-based nutrition. Since 2016, Olivier has not been sick a day, and has since helped hundreds of people create amazing level of health and vitality through his talk and his health coaching. He is the creator of the”8 Step Weight Loss & Wellness program” He is also the author of the book: “The plant-based nutrition: how it’s going to change your life” which has been translated in French as well. On the side note, Olivier can speak 4 languages including French.


The Plant-Based Nutrition: How it’s going to change your life

Every species on earth has a specific diet and we, human beings as a race, are no different. In this highly inspirational talk, I’m going to show your audience the specific diet adapted to the human mechanism, which will give people optimum health.

Introduction to Plant-Based Lifestyles full timetable