Nichole Donato and Callie Coker

Nichole Donato and Callie Coker

Founders & Co-Hosts of the 'Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack' Podcasts

Nichole and Callie are the Founders and Co-Hosts of the podcast Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack. They launched the show in 2015 and have never looked back! They focus on building community, advocating a radical pro-intersectional approach to veganism, anarchy, feminism, setting boundaries, and a whole host of other topics that would piss their fathers off.

4:00pm - 5:30pm

Redefining Veganism: From Consumption to Conviction

Veganism has become defined by what we eat and what we buy, but this pro-capitalist definition perpetuates oppression and decentralizes non-human animals. In this session, Nichole and Callie challenge the mainstream concept of the vegan label to empower vegans to redefine veganism for themselves. (Note: This is a 90-minute presentation with two speakers.)

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