Moussa Haddad

Moussa Haddad

Head of Research & Policy

Moussa has over fifteen years’ experience in research and policy roles, mainly focused on social policy. This includes at Oxfam, Child Poverty Action Group (where he led work on food security), and RNIB. He has been Head of Research and Policy at V for Life since August 2022.


Staying veg*n for life

Most of us have not only freely chosen to follow a veg*n diet and lifestyle; we fully intend and expect to carry on that way for the rest of our lives. But what if that decision is taken out of our hands? Exploring such questions as ‘if I get dementia, will they serve me meat?’, and ‘will my lifestyle and beliefs be understood and respected in a care environment?’, this session considers what it will take to ensure that we and our loved ones are able to stay veg*n for life. Not only can you become empowered to have your own choices respected, but you can help V for Life advocate for older veg*ns across society as a whole.

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