Molly Pickering

Molly Pickering

Vegan Food & Living‘s Digital Executive & Co-host of Simply Vegan Podcast

Molly is Vegan Food & Living‘s Digital Executive. She specialises in creating engaging and meaningful vegan content across Vegan Food & Living’s website, social media pages, and newsletters, as well as co-hosting the Simply Vegan Podcast.


A love of veganism and delicious, sustainable food has helped Molly developed her digital and editorial skills in the vegan world.


Starting out as a Digital Marketing Apprentice at Vegan Food & Living in 2021, within 14 months Molly was shortlisted for ‘Best Editorial Assistant’ at the BSME Talent Awards 2022 and won the BCS Special Recognition award for Digital Marketing Apprentice of the Year in 2022.


In her spare time, Molly enjoys spending time in the kitchen creating hearty and exciting vegan recipes and feeding her loved ones.


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