Mitali Deypurkaystha

Mitali Deypurkaystha

Book Consultant & Publisher, and Bestselling Author of The Freedom Master Plan

Mitali Deypurkaystha (pronounced ‘Mee-TA-lee DEY-Pur-Kay-Stha’) is ‘The Authority Creator’ for vegan/plant-based, ethical, sustainable, B Corp, cruelty-free, eco-conscious & social experts and entrepreneurs. She was born to Indian/Bangladeshi immigrants who expected her to become a doctor. Aged 16, Mitali won a scriptwriting scholarship. She realized medicine was no longer her future. After a Media Studies degree and a Masters in Journalism, she freelanced for local newspapers and magazines.


In 2009, Mitali adopted a rescue cat, Isha, and witnessed sentience beyond what she believed animals were capable of showing. She became vegan in 2012.


In 2015, she became a leading copywriter and ghostwriter, authoring seven business books that would generate over $6.5 million in additional business revenue.


She authored the international bestseller, The Freedom Master Plan, which reveals how her clients leveraged their books to build unshakable authority, attract clients, media attention, investors and donors, generate passive income streams, and boost their visibility, sales and profits.


In 2020, almost halfway through her life, she feared her dream of a vegan and ethical world would not be realized during her lifetime unless the voices of vegan and ethical experts became louder. She met many people whose views on animals, health and the climate were changed permanently after reading a book. She decided to empower vegan and ethical experts to tell their stories so together they can change the world, one book at a time. She owns The Vegan Publisher consultancy and the Let’s Tell Your Story Publishing imprint, helping vegan and ethical experts, influencers and entrepreneurs put their mission, movement and message on the map. Her mission is to create an army of conscious thought leaders, so the screams to end the exploitation of animals, humans, and the environment will become too loud to be ignored.


Stop fitting in when you were born to stand out

I will talk about my lifelong journey trying to fit in, leading to disastrous decisions, and finding true belonging by embracing who you are. The audience will gain insights and inspiration on how to live a confident and empowered life, especially vegans and those on the journey to veganism.

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Karin Ridgers interviews Mitali, The Vegan Publisher.

Karin (Mad Promotions) interviews Mitali on why she became vegan, the need for a vegan book publisher, and why she believes this will create a vegan-normal world.

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How to write & publish your vegan book

Writing a book is a brilliant way to let more people know about the vegan cause, but it’s also a great way to prove your authority and raise the visibility of both you and your brand.

However, where do you start? How do you even decide what you’re going to write and does it still have the same credibility if you decide to self-publish?

Join our panel of three published vegan authors to answer all these questions and more as they talk about how you too can write, publish and promote your own vegan book.

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