Matt Appleby

Matt Appleby

Garden Writer & Editor

I’m author of Super Organic Gardener: How to Make a Vegan Garden and have appeared on TV and radio promoting the cause. I’m a garden writer and editor and my aim is to make veganic gardening as popular as it can be.


The Home Grown Vegan Revolution

Tim will introduce the Grow Green campaign, The Vegan Society’s campaign to encourage a transition to vegan-friendly farming, and explain why climate is such an important driver of this transition. He’ll then explore the role of urban community food growing and The Vegan Society’s work in this area. Guest Matthew Appleby joins Tim to discuss the value of growing green and optimising allotments

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Trying to Make Vegan Gardening Popular

Introduction to vegan gardening and allotmenteering and stories about how I’ve promoted the cause from being grilled by John Humphreys on BBC Radio and Richard Madeley on ITV to winning third place in the garden show for my courgettes.

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