Marisa Heath

Marisa Heath

CEO Plant-based Food Alliance UK

Marisa Heath is the Chief Executive of the Plant-based Food Alliance UK. Working across food, farming, sustainability and animal welfare, she is has 17 years of experience in policy formation and implementation working alongside Government bodies, NGOs and industry. Her work in this area originally started with animal welfare and she has been a passionate campaigner for issues like stopping live transportation, recognising animal sentience and improving animal welfare enforcement. Marisa has seen campaigns for change through from concept to legislation and has been involved at every level.

She has also worked on Climate Change Strategies at local government level and is currently the cabinet member for Environment at Surrey County Council where she has developed their Net Zero Delivery Plan and is now looking at an environmental land management plan alongside working on a county wide Food Strategy. Marisa has worked on agro-forestry projects in the South Pacific and in Asia and has also worked on international trade with a collation of NGO seeking to drive standards upwards.


Plant-based Solutions for the Planet

Looking at the issues we face in the food systems and how Governments have driven these systems forward with subsidies and support. It will then look at the solutions plant-based can provide, how they could be implemented and support by Government and how we as a community can make it happen.

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