Lynn Sawyer

Lynn Sawyer


To start with I became vegan in 1994. My background until that point was that I had been involved in hunting and animal agriculture as a teenager through to my early 20s. I started to see the error of my ways and initially became vegetarian in 1991, did my nurse training and was a staff nurse in Nottingham when I made the decision to be vegan and fight for animal liberation. Since then my main focus was against hunting, the badger cull and the vivisection industry. I have sabbed and monitored hunts in many places in the UK.


I moved to Cumbria to do my midwifery training and joined Cumbria sabs in 1995, then to London as a midwife getting involved in different protests against the fur industry, circuses etc.


I was very much involved in the Save the Hillgrove Cat campaign followed by Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty and moved to Evesham in Worcestershire. I also became involved in fighting the Krebs trials where badgers were being culled. I was badly injured in 2000 when we blocked the A1 to highlight the atrocious vivisection industry and I was pulled off a tripod by an off duty police officer. I broke my femur and spent 3 weeks in hospital. I was out protesting in a wheelchair as soon as I was able. I never fully recovered from my injuries but managed to go back to work as a midwife and continue as an activist.


In 2012 it was clear that the badger cull was going to be resurrected very near to Evesham and this led to me becoming a full time sab/activist. We formed Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs and Gloucestershire Badger Office in order to coordinate and organise against the cull and hunts. My career as a midwife ended when I spoke to the media many times about the cull in Gloucestershire. I had to leave my home and have been in a caravan since 2014.


I am currently living onsite at a wildlife hospital, volunteering there, heavily involved in sett checking/surveying in several cull zones and sabbing all the local hunts


Hunting – a guide for anti-hunt and animal rights activists

This talk will be about the history of hunting and other anthropocentric behaviours, how this attitude has affected how non-human animals are regarded using hunting with hounds in the UK as an example. Also with specifics on how fox hunting in particular is conducted and how it is being challenged.

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