Lynn Jolly

Lynn Jolly

Vegan Animal Rights Activist

Lynn who is now best known for saving the son of a dairy cow from slaughter, was born in Glasgow, but raised in Cheshire and is relentless in her work as an animal rights activist!

She went veggie as a child because she “made the connection” that bacon came from pigs and that meat was actually in fact the flesh of animals she dearly loved!

Anyone who knows Lynn will tell you she has had a fascination with cows her whole life! Lynn’s Mother tells her that even as a toddler she would become very vocal and animated whenever she saw them, and would regularly talk about…their knees!! ! It was never about the bee’s knees with Lynn, it was always the cows!

Being a huge fan of Morrissey & The Smiths helped to develop her curiosity around animal rights, but it wasn’t until her encounter with Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh that her vegan penny finally dropped!

Being a follower of Buddhism, mindfulness, meditation and yoga Lynn really felt the best way for her to get the animal rights message out there was using a mindful & peaceful approach!

Part of this approach was a positive attitude towards the future, and part of that positive outlook included a vision board. In 2010 Lynn updated her vision board to include an animal sanctuary called Lotus Sanctuary; Lotus had also been the name of her holistic therapy & stress management business. In Buddhism the Lotus is very significant, and is symbolic of purity of body, speech and mind! It’s rooted deep within the darkness and mud but rises up with such beauty and rebirth, a self-compassionate place we can all arrive at!

Whenever Lynn encountered difficulty or negativity due to any form of activism, she would always ask herself this question; “If I was an animal, would I be happy with an activist like me fighting my corner”; whatever her answer would dictate how she would move forward and really allow her to put things into perspective!

Lynn’s first proper port of call as an activist was with Animal Aid whom she was involved with in various pieces of voluntary work over the years, including more recently manning their stall at the first ever Vegfest Scotland in 2015!

However, through social media and our worldwide web, movements and groups began to form and grow quite rapidly. Lynn was one of the original members of Save Movement Scotland, and a very early and regular participant with Earthlings Experience Scotland; although the Save Movement was always the one closest to her heart and one she was heavily involved with!

Throughout 2016 as Lynn came to be around farm animals more and more through vigils and volunteering, she started to draw more & more on that vision board from 2010! In autumn 2016 Lynn saved her first animal from slaughter, and between Christmas & New Year saved 2 highland cattle from slaughter too. No sooner had she done that than she was looking into how she could save male calves born into the dairy industry, and it became apparent to her that this sanctuary was going to have to become more than just a vision, and quick! Lynn was familiar with the phrase feel the fear and do it anyway, and realised that was exactly what she was going to have to do! In January 2017 a crowdfunding campaign with You Caring was launched to raise funds to open a fully vegan, educational and interactive animal sanctuary in central Scotland!

In 2016 Lynn also set up, a place to learn about veganism, meet other vegans, find vegan businesses and organisations via the directory and most of all a place to sell clothing and merchandise carrying vegan & animal rights messages. All profits would be donated to the fundraising for the sanctuary!

The son of the dairy cow Lynn had saved was now on a sanctuary over 8 miles away from her home. She had named him Prince and he was starting to gather a bit of a following!

The story of the sanctuary coupled with Prince and Lynn’s rescue work very quickly picked up a lot of attention and in less than 1 month it had been covered and supported by the likes of

  • BBC Scotland
  • STV
  • VegfestUK
  • The Daily Record
  • The Evening Times
  • Fat Gay Vegan
  • James Aspey
  • SBNN
  • The Vegan Society
  • EVOLVE! Campaigns
  • Esther The Wonder Pig
  • Esther’s Army
  • Toronto Pig Save
  • The Save Movement
  • Anita Krajnc
  • Steven Brown Art
  • Arvid Beck
  • Marc S Wood
  • The Humane League
  • The Tartan Carrot

Lynn had been social media friends with James Aspey for almost 2 years, and after doing a vigil with Emily from Bitesize Vegan and Manchester Pig Save, she had an idea of asking James to come over to Scotland to do talks and activism with the different movements she was involved with to help spread the vegan message and raise their profile! This went from an idea, to organising a new year fundraiser called Happy Moo Year to organising 12 days with James in the U.K in February whereby he’d do talks in schools, colleges & universities, do vigils, workshops and talks with other vegans, lots of interviews, a fundraising party called Moo’ve n Groove, and of course, visit Prince!

The story is just progressing all the time, so please check out the various social media channels for regular updates!

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