Lorri Delahunty

Lorri Delahunty

Vegan Fashion Brand Owner

Owner of VEGAN Happy Clothing, a brand started 4 years ago with the aim of creating gorgeous clothing with subtle stylish, and always positive messages, designed to plant vegan through seeds wherever our wearers went.




5 years vegan after my dog Poppy having an accident late one night and us ending up at the vets paying huge amounts of money to get her fixed, coming home to the freezer to take chicken out, and a lightbulb moment happened! I realise for me this happened quickly but I was 50 when it happened, so I have huge understanding for those that haven’t seen the light yet or are doing a more gradual shift to veganism. Mum to Marbles the beagle who is 4 now and previously had 2 other beagles. Am definitely involved in activism for the beagles (a friend of mine connected me to them as we always donate 10% or more of our profits to charity, usually a LOT more as to this day I still haven’t taken a salary 4 years in!) and animal rescue and save in general. I became involved in Camp Beagle heavily and from that I have set up my own activism group called Exposing Cruelty. www.exposingcruelty.com We see education as a big part of what we need to do right now. How can we expect people to stop animal testing if we don’t make the NAM’s easily findable and understandable. We do a lot of expose work too, but when we have that undercover information, we work with those people to seek change and try and make it faster than it would have been happening. We believe that every activism campaign has it’s value, but for us we want to work with the key stakeholders to make change happen faster. In our view, if we shout at them they will just turn away. If we have educated discussion, at least we will understand the landscape more and help everyone navigate to the end goal of ending vivisection for good. We don’t just want to liberate beagles in labs, we want to do the same for all animals in laboratories, unis, and other facilities. Sober for almost 7 years after being a fabulously successful party girl. Successful at falling over and hurting myself so something had to give. Sober doesn’t mean morning… I was still out at a gig last night until 1am. Sober life rocks!


Personally I work too hard. That’s my fault. There is so much animal saving to do, now I have scratched the surface I just can’t stop. My VEGAN Happy Clothing is the joy in my life (as well as my amazing family) that balances out the pain of animal save and activism. The joy of a customer email or order choosing us, still to this day makes us smile and evokes happiness. Every order is valued hugely and we are always very grateful when someone choose us to wear out and about.


Activism comes in many shapes and forms

I believe that activism is seen as angry and shouty and you holding up placards but I think in this modern day it has been completely redefined. Activism now is also wearing a garment with a vegan or campaign message. Activism is sharing a campaign post, or emailing an MP, or telling your friends!

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