Lisa Sherwani

Lisa Sherwani

Founder of Footprints Animal Sanctuary

I went vegetarian in the mid 1980’s, and my family thought I was a complete oddball. I must admit I wasn’t even a huge animal lover when I was younger, I just knew I didn’t want to eat them, it didn’t feel right. In 2015 I became ill at work and I lost my driving license for 6 months whilst the hospital tried to find out what was wrong with me. So whilst I was recovering I booked myself a volunteering holiday in Europe at a vegan animal sanctuary. During my journey home I made the decision to go vegan, and returned to the UK a committed vegan for life 🌱 I returned to the animal sanctuary several times that year, and returned for a final visit in 2016 for a 6 month long term volunteer position. I met so many incredible humans in that time. I really widened my network of vegan friends, and opened my eyes to the suffering of animals. I came home and got myself a job back in ‘the real world’ but it never felt enough. Then one day I was scrolling Facebook and there was a post in a local vegan group which said ‘does anyone fancy setting up an animals sanctuary?’….


So you want to run an animal sanctuary?

Many vegans dream of one day running their own animal sanctuary, it seems the perfect way to bring together your vegan ethics with making a real difference in the world. But successfully running an animal rescue can be harder than you think.

In this session, we bring together a group of vegan sanctuary owners to tell us the realities of running an animal shelter and to share their stories and tips for others thinking about setting up their own.

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