Lea Goodett

Lea Goodett

Regional Liaison Animal Save Movement

I have been vegan for a little over 5 years now. I became active around the same time. After bearing witness with Animal Save Movement for the first time the realization came that so many animals need our help and so little people take action to defend their rights. I promised the pigs in the truck that I would dedicate my life to fight for animal liberation. I’ve done many forms of activism with different groups and approaches. I believe in love based and intersectional activism. As a country liaison for the Netherlands and regional liaison for Europe I try to focus more on building our community. The Plant Based Treaty has added so much positivity to our activism. Its great to be able to offer a solution while speaking to the public about animal rights and the climate crisis we are in.


Advocate for a Plant Based Treaty

What is a Plant Based Treaty and why do we need one? Learn how to set up a successful city campaign to advocate for a Plant Based Treaty.

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