Klaus Mitchell

Klaus Mitchell

Founder of Plant Based News

Klaus Mitchell has always had a passion for health and nutrition, initially coming top of his year for Human Biosciences BSc from the University of Exeter, and then doing a masters in The Genetics of Human Disease MSc on a full scholarship at University College London.


Upon graduating in 2015, Klaus launched Plant Based News to raise awareness around the health and environmental benefits of a plant-based diet, which now boasts over 2.8 million followers on social media. In 2021, Plant Based News raised over £1 million via investment platform SeedRS as a way of scaling up and expanding its reach.


Klaus has been an author of an article published in the journal of Public Health Nutrition, which explored the effect of diet on various health markers; was script editor on groundbreaking Netflix documentary Seaspiracy; and directs an annual documentary series on Plant Based News, showcasing the developments in the sustainability and alternative protein sector.


The Missing Link To Hit Net Zero

Time is running out to get a grip on the climate crisis. And now is the time to start looking inwards rather than waiting for governments and institutions for solutions. This talk is about the elephant in the room; the politically unsavoury truth that we each have an individual responsibility to recognise and address. It shines a spotlight on how instead of waiting for our broken supply chain to change, we have to demand alternative modes of production today.

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