Kerri Waters

Kerri Waters

Viva! Farming Coordinator

Kerri Waters is the project coordinator for Viva! Farming and is currently carrying out doctoral research looking at a just transition for animal farmers. Her main interest is in building relationships with the farming community to shift them away from the exploitation of animals and towards a world where animals can live freely.


Viva! Farming: Vegan farming for a healthy planet and turning farmers into allies for animal justice

Viva! Farming coordinator and PhD researcher, Kerri Waters, will explain how transforming the way we use land and ending animal farming presents crucial opportunities to solve the climate crisis and create a kinder world for animals. This talk will explore the options currently available for farmers and how the changes to UK agricultural policy can be applied to foster vegan farming and food production. Kerri will introduce her doctoral research looking at animal farming practices and what they tell us about the possibility for a just transition for all beings. Lastly, Viva! Farming’s work outreaching the farming community will demonstrate that by taking an honest and compassionate approach to building personal relationships, we can turn animal farmers into allies to create a kinder, fairer world for all.

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