Juliette Bryant

Juliette Bryant

Nutritional Consultant, Superfood Alchemist and Mentor

Juliette Bryant is a leading figure in the field of health transformation. She has travelled the world seeking out and studying the most effective tools for achieving good health and healing. Juliette has three published books and written countless articles for magazines, newspapers and journals, all arising from her extensive research into healthy living, wellbeing and nutrition. She offers her professional services as a Nutritional Health Consultant to individuals and groups within both public and business sectors. Her dynamic, intuitive and evidenced presentations are well received, enjoyable and noted for the simplicity and accessibility. Her website www.juliettebryant.com features a wealth of original, free content as well as details of her online courses, mentorship work and an extensive range of superfood blends, tonics and supplements – organically produced using plant-based ingredients and sought by customers the world over.


Natural Ways To Boost Your Energy With Plants And Mushrooms

In this talk Juliette will guide you on how to work with the wonders of nature to support your energy without the need for caffeine. Juliette will explore cutting edge research on The Endocannabinoid System and the power of Medicinal Mushrooms.

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