Joseph Lindo-Davies

Joseph Lindo-Davies

Head of Food and Nutrition, Secondary School

I run one of the only plant focused secondary education programs (Upper Shirley High, Southampton) in the UK. I am incredibly passionate about getting people back into the kitchen and making delicious, attainable and affordable food from exclusively plants. I draw inspiration from both British and World cuisine. I like to challenge the misconception that vegan food is boring and I strongly believe that food can be tasty, comforting and nutritious all at the same time. I am a firm believer that the food that we eat should be good for both humans and the planet. I am also an enthusiastic endurance triathlete and love to role model healthy lifestyles to my own community and to show everyone that you can be strong on a plant exclusive diet.


From Fussy Eater to Food Explorer - Usualising and celebrating a plant-based diet with young people

After 10 years of delivering food education to over 7000 young people, I have learned that despite many barriers and challenges, they will not only try and eat healthy plant based food, they absolutely love it. Come and find out more about the impact of this essential work on children’s lives.

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