Johnny Meatless

Johnny Meatless

Content Creator & Chef

Johnny Morillo also known as Johnny Meatless, is in the pursuit of creating tasty food turned plant-based! Johnny’s main aim is to showcase the most indulging mouthwatering food you can come across online, which may lead you to licking your phone screen. Having studied Film & TV in university he loves to be a storyteller, and continues to create videos about the history of food but also be captivated by the dishes he makes. Johnny describes himself not as a chef, but a passionate foodie who has indulged in a lot of food through his travels and wants to bring this to his recipes. He is currently transforming his heritage into plant-based friendly Filipino recipes that you can find on his page. Alongside that he is 1/9 of the ‘Plantboiis’, a vegan collective of men creating fun and entertaining videos.


Here’s Johnny! Meet Johnny Meatless: Content Creator, plantboii and Chef.

Talking about Johnny’s socials/content creation, formation of the plantboii’s, and pursuit of creating tasty food turned plant-based!

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