Joanna Randall

Joanna Randall

Campaign Manager at Naturewatch Foundation

Having worked in animal protection for over a decade, she has experience in a wide range of campaigns and led many to success. She became a vegan 15 years ago.

At Naturewatch Foundation she combines her love for both campaigning and ethical shopping to encourage everyone to become compassionate consumers, and end animal cruelty one penny at a time.

3:00pm - 3:45pm

Read between the labels. Are your products really cruelty-free?

Confused about which personal care, cosmetic and household products are genuinely cruelty-free? Naturewatch Foundation’s campaigners will show you all you need to know about being a compassionate shopper. We’ll break down the myths about animal testing, and share simple steps to becoming a Cruelty-Free Company Detective, so you can inspire change at the corporate level!

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