Jill Swyers

Jill Swyers

Hippocrates Health Educator

Jill Swyers has worked in the food industry for more than 40 years; managing restaurants in Europe and running her own successful London-based catering company. Jill is a qualified Hippocrates Health Educator since 1998, and currently teaches and demonstrates the preparation of PlantBased Living Foods with a Balance of Nutrition; working with Health Challenges and Energy. As a Teacher, Consultant and Chef, Jill’s main priority is Food Literacy – just because it is PlantBased does not mean it is healthy. Understanding Nutrition is key to eating well. By adding to one’s lifestyle One Step at a Time with Guidance, and linking that to a Balance of Nutrition we can nourish both mind and body.


Plant-Based Foods of the Future

Understanding Plant-based Foods & Living Foods – How to start by Adding and Transitioning to One’s present Lifestyle with Understanding. How Renewed Habits have made Life much more Energised & Balanced.

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