Jenny Canham

Jenny Canham

Journalist and Organiser with 'The Save Movement'

I am a journalist and organiser with ‘The Save Movement’. This is a worldwide collection of groups, dedicated to bearing witness to animals arriving at slaughterhouses through peaceful vigils. The aim of these vigils is to show the animals kindness and compassion, and to share their journey as widely as possible. I started off working with my local group ‘Essex Pig Save’ and have since travelled throughout the USA, Canada and am currently touring Europe to start new save groups across the world, to shine a light upon the vast number of animals who suffer in silence.

4:00pm - 4:25pm

The Power of Bearing Witness - How to become an activist in your local community

I will be talking about the power of bearing witness and the journey of The Save Movement since it began in Toronto seven years ago. Bearing witness means not turning away from the suffering of billions of animals every year, but instead getting closer and sharing their heart-breaking journey.



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