Advocate for a shared Earth

From an early age Jamshed starting questioning and then figuring out for himself, the reality of where some of the food on his plate had come from. His love and respect for other animals soon led him to becoming vegetarian then vegan by the age of 17 and to joining a local animal rights group in his early twenties.


Also around that age, Jamshed’s awareness widened to consider the impact western lifestyles were having on free-living animals around the world. He began making different life choices and resolved to drastically lessen his own impact by never consuming anything he could otherwise borrow, repair, repurpose or reuse.


Jamshed hasn’t bought any new items of clothing in over 30 years, travels by bike whenever possible and carries a needle and thread wherever he goes. Jamshed now works to encourage societal change towards a world in which we live more harmoniously with all the animals we share the Earth with. Jamshed lives in Leicester.


Our choices and their impact on free-living animals

We wish for all animals to be free, but even the free living animals are suffering more and more, being the unheard and unseen oppressed whose numbers and species are dwindling away. How do we infringe on the lives of those we share the earth with? and how can we avoid it much more?

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