Ian Tolhurst

Ian Tolhurst

Veganic Farmer

Iain Tolhurst has been at the forefront of the UK organic farming movement for over 40 years. His 8 ha farm has won many awards and he has written several books as well as countless articles.

For many decades he has been delivering inspirational speeches and presentations on the farm’s organic and sustainable methods or food production. His wide knowledge and experience has made him in much demand both nationally and internationally delivering presentations and educational seminars.

The farm is a model of sustainability and produces a wide range of produce which visitors from all over the world are able to see for themselves the various components of the Stockfreeorganic farm, from the green manures and diverse rotations to the woodchip composts and integration of agroforestry to the vegetable system. The integration of crops, a systems approach to pest and disease management and biodiversity makes for a fascinating and durable agricultural system. His pioneering work with woodchip substrates for propagation has enabled growers to consider moving away from peat-based materials.


Farming for the Planet

Dan from Vegan Organic Network introduces the work of the charity and the solutions they present, before Iain from Tolhurst Organics continues. The presentation will develop the concept and practice of maintaining and building SOC within rotational vegetable/arable cropping as part of a stockfree organic system –  principles of crop rotations, choosing the green manure mixes and applications of ramial chipped wood or composted woodchip.

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