Hannah Coyne

Hannah Coyne

Campaigns Manager at The Vegan Society

Hannah Coyne is Campaigns Manager at The Vegan Society. She studied English and Journalism at Coventry University and has a background in marketing. Hannah is responsible for developing and leading campaigns to raise awareness of the benefits of veganism and address key areas such as food, environment and health – ensuring all campaigns meet their objectives.


An Introduction to Plant-Based Diets

An excellent panel of experts discussing 4 of the best introductory plant based challenges, with representatives from Animal Aid, The Vegan Society, Viva and the Plant Based Health Professionals comparing notes about the different approaches and successes of these challenges, designed to help people adopt a plant based diet. Hosted by Vanessa Sturman.

Introduction to Plant-Based Lifestyles full timetable


Be AnimalKind

Hannah Coyne, Campaigns Manager at The Vegan Society will be talking about how they are campaigning for animals through their Be AnimalKind campaign, aimed at non-vegan animal lovers. The aim of Be AnimalKind is to inspire people to reflect on their relationships with and attitudes towards different species of animals, as every animal is an individual worthy of our kindness and respect.

Campaigning for Animals full timetable