George Dunkerton

George Dunkerton

Tea Mixologist & Director of 'A Little Cup'

A Little Cup was founded in 2020 with a mission to produce a selection of blends that put people, well-being and creativity at the heart. These teas are hand-blended with ingredients which are both uplifting and energising (without the need for lots of caffeine) and others that soothe and calm. We run creative tea blending workshops where we combine flavours and art. Creativity is at the centre of what we do we aim to encourage artistic outlets and imagination to promote a wider feeling of acceptance, individuality and freedom of expression. My hope is that we can start to build a bigger community of Creativi-tea, A Little Cup at a time! All of our blends are made of natural ingredients, are vegan, sugar and gluten-free. The company has a 0 plastic tolerance and is planet-friendly: our product packaging is also all biodegradable, including our tea bags, as well as plastic-feel wallets and even our date stamps, which are plant-based.


Taste + Create – Artistic Tea Blending

This talk will look into the concepts behind our most popular blends; their ingredient benefits and influences. The flavours will then be discussed in terms of their emotional characteristics to consider how to create drawings from these, and how they can encourage your own blending experimentation.

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