Gareth Langford

Gareth Langford

Nutritional Therapist, Owner Raw Sport, Revolution Foods

Gareth Langford
Managing Director: Raw Sport, Revolution Foods
Nutritional Therapist

Gareth is not only a qualified nutritional therapist, but is also a co-founder of Raw Sport.
During the development of our brand RawSport, Gareth was instrumental in formulating products, whilst working along side world champions, elite athletes and olympians to develop our Elite protein blend and recovery products. Our elite supplements are now used by some of the most elite athletes on the planet.

“The relationship between Nutrition and athletic performance is a complex one ranging from energy needs, weight management, immune function, digestion & absorption to name just a few. This all play a key role in optimising recovery, so athletes can perform at peak for longer sustained periods. It’s cool to think we are helping athletes prolong careers by doing the right things at the right time.”

“My great passion is bringing all these complexities together to support both the health and athletic performance of our clients through our Nutritional guidance and our premium products”

As a key member of the founding team, now acting Managing Director, his passion for optimum nutrition for health and performance remains, which sets and drives the standards and ethics for the business.

Being a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist, and endurance enthusiast, he now dedicates a portion of his time to speaking on nutrition, writing, formulating new products and supporting the nutrition of a number of high profile, footballers, boxers, F1 drivers and sports people around the world.

A Specialist in:
Sports Nutrition
Plant based Sports Nutrition
Youth athletes’ Nutrition


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