Fiona Oakes

Fiona Oakes

Ultra Marathon Runner & Founder of Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary

Fiona Oakes is a true animal advocate having dedicated her entire life to the promotion of veganism and animal welfare issues beginning age 3 when she became a self inspired vegetarian progressing towards veganism age 6 years..  She is a Triple Guinness World Record holder – records she set in 2013 being the fastest woman to run a Marathon on every Continent and the North Pole subsequently re-breaking 2 of these records in 2014. 
Fiona runs purely to promote and showcase the benefits of a vegan lifestyle in a positive and proactive way and to silence the doubters, myths and misconceptions surrounding plant based living working in harmony with sporting excellence.  She is also an Elite Marathoner having won numerous Marathons and placed in 2 of the World’s Major Marathon Series with a PB of 2hrs 38 minutes and a highly accomplished ‘ultra’ athlete having completed the notorious Marathon des Sables – often described as the ‘toughest footrace on the planet’ – 3 times. 
A retained Fire Fighter and accomplished and highly acclaimed public speaker, Fiona always considers her primary role and vocation in life to be sustaining and growing her animal Sanctuary, Towerhill Stables, which she started over 21 years ago. 
The Sanctuary is run on an entirely not for profit basis and provides a forever home and Sanctuary to over 400 animals rescued from many dire situations including abuse, cruelty, neglect and exploitation.  Currently she is the subject of the Documentary – Running for Good – being made by Cowspiracy and What the Health Director, Keegan Kuhn the filming of which both at home in the Sanctuary and abroad racing, has taken up much of Fiona’s ‘spare’ time during 2017 . 
Despite all this, Fiona isn’t slowing down and is currently planning her next extreme running  challenges for next year in conjunction with the promotion of Keegan’s film and the launch of the Documentary – The Game Changers – in which Fiona is also featured.  All these projects are factored in whilst caring for her beloved animals at the Sanctuary in conjunction with attempting to educate and illustrate the benefits of veganism to as wide and varied audience as possible. 
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Running for Good – a lifetime of advocacy described in athletic achievement

Fiona’s journey and path in translating a passion into a reality and her unique approach to encourage others to follow suit.  For Fiona, whether she be running Marathons at the North Pole, breaking World Records in Antarctica, enduring the hostility of brutal desert conditions in the ‘toughest footrace on earth’, racing with and placing amongst the planet’s greatest Marathon runners in the largest and most prestigious road races in the world – it’s all done for one reason, the animals!

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