Farrah Rainfly

Farrah Rainfly

Founding director of Social Enterprise Lifeafterhummus

Farrah Rainfly is a Food for Life instructor with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and the founding director of Social Enterprise Lifeafterhummus, a London-based BME led Community Benefit Society who are on a mission to pioneer nutrition and lifestyle intervention solutions for a changing health and care landscape to improve the physical and mental health of the public and reduce health inequalities, tackle food poverty and reduce social isolation whilst operating within an intersectional framework. Over they last two years they have taught 353 people nomadically Hands-on Low-fat and Vegan Nutrition and Cooking classes in community and corporate setting. This includes teaching staff at the Royal Free Hospital and they are registered suppliers with Imperial NHS trust. Their community classes have been featured in both the Metro and the Stylist magazine. At the heart of what they do is a simple motto: Health is a RIGHT and not a privilege. To find out how to join their cooking classes or book their corporate services visit www.lifeafterhummus.com and @lifeafterhummus on twitter, facebook and instagram.

5:00pm (BSL interpretation available)

Plant-based health interventions in practice, an evidence-based analysis

How can a low-fat vegan diet help to improve the health of the public and reduce health inequalities? Over the last two years Lifeafterhummus Community Benefit Society has taught 353 people in London hands-on nutrition and cooking classes focusing on affordable and accessible fruits, vegetables, bean & pulses and grains, the low-Glycaemic index and keeping oils to a minimum. An analysis of our work has shown that our classes help to implement and we would go so far as to say promote Public Health England’s new ‘Eat Well Guide’. In this talk we will present our findings and our plans to run a social prescribing pilot. We will also provide practical tips and answer questions on how you can implement similar strategies in your communities.

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Healthy Eating on a Vegan Diet

In an era where ‘Ultra-processed’ products now make up half of all UK family food purchases as reported in the Guardian, this food demonstration will focus on practical tips of how to quickly and affordably cook a day’s food from scratch with veg, fruit, beans and grains. Food for Life instructor Farrah Rainfly will explain how this helps to keep you healthy.

Recipes: Breakfast bulgur as an alternative to cold cereals, how to make a Kale salad with a no-oil dressing, learning to water-frying onions for a cocoa vegan chilli, how to cook brown rice and wrapping leftovers for lunch.

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